Wednesday, 7 January 2009

What a Cinema Wants - Panel 7/1/09

In introducing the Watershed, Mark mentioned an interesting year round programme of work with the Watershed, looking at music and 'migratory peoples' called Migrations. 
See here for more information.

A tip shared by all three panelists when pitching to them (cinemas/venues) is research what they do and be able to identify how it fits with the venues objectives and targets.
& "Keep it succinct"

Stuart: "We are interested in creating as diverse an audience as possible"..."How can (your) programme help us".

Mark: "I like to see proposals that are part of (say) a 5 year development....I don't want just one offs".

"Make sure that your contacts (and claims) are legitimate....we're long in the tooth and know!"

Stuart: "Really, by your fifth year, you should be looking to have achieved a commercial sponsor/partnership"
Claire: " also carries weight when convincing us to get involved"

Claire: "we (City Screen) sometimes help negotiate with distributors on behalf of the festivals to secure films, premieres etc....for example with the Human Rights Watch Films Festival."

Stuart talked about the importance of building an audience over time and maintaining that relationship as with his experience with Blactronica.
"We are looking for a monthly Black focused event to take it's place"

When pitching..."Don't be impatient"..."dont be disapointed (or put off) if we don't write could be that it's just doesn't fit at that persistent"

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