Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Black Film Society

Hello everyone,

I trust you're well!

The Black Film Society blog and site have now been set up.

You are all invited to contribute and upload content. As discussed this a public forum for posting related content, evoking discussion and the like.

I have also set up the site whilst building the BFS website - the WHO's WHO in the UK Black Film Industry. The site has everything from TV credits to archive footage content etc. It will incorporate the BFS Academy ... and attract paid advertising industry support distribution ticket sales and a host of other bonuses. These conversations are being had presently so more on these later!

Have began spreading the word through a number of actors producers etc about my quest and received very favourable responses. Infact one person is looking for assistance with film production...again more on these another time.

I'm pleased the BFS will act as the portal for all external activity of the group, and the BFDN will remain a closed forum for those on the TNB Cultural Leadership programme.

I have alot of content including film trailers, flyers, posters, courses, events etc which need to be posted uploaded and spoke with Kev on Friday about these, and who vey kindly pointed me in the right direction.

As the blogs will have different audiences there is likely to be some duplication of info. Kev has promised to duplicate postings to BFS and I will do the same with relevant content.

I have sent your invites to be authors separately, as the set up wouldn't allow me to add any written content - do remember to post any personal dialogue on the BFDN blog and that this is a public domain.

Really looking forward to your contributions.


Here's to our collective successes!



Copy of e-circular 13.01.09 to BFDN authors

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