Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Filling the Void - Advertising Excellence: Panel 7/01/09

Panel Left to Right: Jonny Green, Technical Director of the award winning, Franki & Jonny Design Agency; Bill Thompson - consultant, expert in new media and technology and commentator on digital culture...and also helps to run Cambridge Film Festival.

Jonny began be giving some background on the work done by his agency from designing sites for Film London, to titles for films such as Run Fatboy Run. They specialise in branding.

Showed their work on branding and developing the designs, marketing materials and online presence for  Sugarhouse; see the full site here.

"Start the campaign as early as possible" Often the 'formal campaign will begin 6 weeks before launch.

"Think that the marketing & designs needs to be developed alongside the film rather than as an afterthought"

"Location content i.e. film connected material, footage, stills etc, that can provide a backstory - is really underused in terms of marketing...but often very attractive to audiences and media to create and sustain interest, yet relatively cheap and easy to generate, produce & use."

Mentioned a film Waterlillies - a relatively 'niche' film they worked on, where they decided to make the first 6 minutes of the films available on line - and monitored the online activity, offering some really helpful information to help identify potential audiences to follow up.

The main theme seem to be just how much opportunity there is to creatively utilise on-line presence to actively engage, monitor and build your audiences.

Bill Thompson: began about how, with the Cambridge Film Festival, they've been creative in their use of volunteers and free on line resources for large parts of the festival's infrastructure, such as:

VIMEO - a better, more user friendly Youtube like site, that has gained a reputation for catering for a high end, artistic crowd because of it's ability to handle longer and higher resolution content,

Blip TV - a great, free, video blogging resource

Twitter  - a free, real time social networking resource, that allows users to send and read other usesr updates.

"...keep in mind that although these things are does cost you your time!"

"Your marketing needs to be integrated"...i.e. it knots together, makes sense and is coherent both separately and as a whole.

Bill talked about the fact that these resources are out there and being used, but, not necessarily being used that well or exploited fully. 

One of the messages here seems to be - If you set these things up...make sure you use them, have the time to use them and consistently use them.

Discussed the value of obtaining and monitoring for audience/customer personal data - and for the consumer to understand the value of this data. 
Highlighted how easily it is now, with new technologies such as bluetooth, GPS etc - to reach people and taylor information to them.

For successful recording and webcasting of panels at your festival you'll need: a Mixing desk at the front, fast internet connection, & VGA projector, laptop, DV camera into a firewire port.

Be aware of poor acoustics in cinemas and manage questions from the audience via a headset so its properly recorded and you can summarise and relay it back from the to the panel coherently.

Recommended book: The Power of Organising without Organisations. an authorative, accessible and useful analysis of Web 2.0 - looking at social networking a new media.

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