Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Black - Project Site

A project site has been set up on


All Course members / organisers have been invited. You should have login details therefore on email. It's a place that Goals/Milestones, Actions/Tasks, Uploading files, Forums/Discussion on projects.

Hope you use and enjoy.

For more information on, or downloads of projectpier see their site


kdc1870 said...

Alright Rob,

This looks good - but I cant sign in to the project sign without the username & password; which I presume needs to be a common one we share?


kdc1870 said...

scrap that Rob, just seen your email.


packerpunch said...

This blog and project site is a really good idea and should bring added value to the New Black course - if people actually use it! I really enjoyed the Seminar I chaired and was impressed with the ideas that were shared and the talent that was very evident. I sure hope this translates into the step-change for Black Cinema that we all so desire. Good luck everyone! Let me know if I can do anything else...best wishes Peter Packer