Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Black Module 2 begins, Jan 09: Audience Development

Film London welcomes back the group of Black film exhibitors, film-makers and producers for the second Module of 'The New Black'.
Over the next two days, The New Black will explore Audience Development.

Check here for the overview document of Module 2.

As an example of new Audience Development strategies, we began by discussing the recently released low-budget (£100k) horror film release Mum & Dad, part-funded by Film London through their Microwave scheme. 
Significant for the fact that it was simultaneously released across all formats - theatrical, online/download and DVD; one of the first times this has happened.  
Also noted for a significant on-line marketing strategy.
Check the Facebook campaign here.

Karen used the example of Mum & Dad to discuss marketing strategies that focus on exploiting a film's appeal within a genre (in this case horror) in order to develop an audience, targetting an identified demographic.

Also illustrated the significance of the timing of the release to maximise seasonal audiences (Mum & Dad)  or to consider festival and award seasons (Slumdog Millionaire).

Karen mentioned an interesting new release, Ghajini, a Bollywood remake of Mememto. Released on Christmas day.

Rob mentioned another low budget British indie film called Cass (2005). about the life of notorious Black British football holigan, Cass Pennant containing a catavgting central performance by Nonso Anozie.

See the trailer for CASS below:

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