Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Make this blog private???

Should we make this site private??

If it's a place to discuss certain issues with the Network and be a bit of working/ team blog then this is what I propose. If it's about the wider cultural / industry debate then there is no need.

If we made it private, then we could use the the blog that Lorraine set up (Black Film Society) as a place for more public debates.

The scope of who is permitted to see a private network is controllable and does not have to be resticted to course members. I could also include key partners Film London , UKFC etc.

An advantage of it being private would be that we can thrash out ideas more 'honestly' without washing our dirty linen in the public eye. However we could also use email to do this anyway. What do you think?

Note to Kevin - administrator.
It can be done - check this link...


kdc1870 said...

Basically, I'm happy to make it a closed blog for now - if that's what most people are feeling.

However, I'd prefer to have it open in the medium/longer term - because I think it could be a useful tool for capturing, stirring and sharing thoughts around Black (and Asian?) film by those active in it - not just those currently in the group.

Also as a conduit through which people interested in Black film can find their way to us (the group) and generally find out interesting things about Black film and film making/festival opportunity and news - then I think it could also serve a healthy purpose.

Looking at it another way, I don't particularly think that we've anything to lose by keeping it open - only something to gain.

I'm not aware of anything particularly sensitive on it and although the editorial & management of it is essentially shared by all of us (i.e. the group of 'authors') - I'd say, that between us we could agree what is cool to put on it, and what might be best to share be email.

So whilst I fine to make it closed whilst we discuss how to manage, what can go on it etc - ultimately I'd prefer and can see benefits to having it an open blog.


Claire said...

I think we need some clarification as to the main purposes of these different blogs/networks - a mission statement as it were. It's all seeming a bit indistinguishable and reproduced at the moment.. or is that just me?

Robby said...

Thanks both for weighing into the discussion.

I agree with Claire that we need clarification of purpose. It was in trying to work out a distinction of bdfn/bfs that I thought we could use one as a closed working space.

I have been thinking a bit about closed or open meanwhile, in the shower, at bedtime, over my flying fish and coucou >yuk<, and the use of this blog so far has not been so sensitive, you are right Kevin.

It does not have to be closed/private as a short term thing if 'closed/private' is not going to be a long term thing. I guess we would want to build a readership over time, and it would be silly to have to rebuild it after a private period. Also, when re-opening, does that mean deleting all senstive posts? It would be a bit of pain all that.

I think best if we
1) clarify purpose for both blogs
2) use group email for more sensitive discussion

Any other opinions?

kdc1870 said...

Rob/ Claire...

i agree, it'll be good to thrash out what we want from it, and agree with Rob's observations that a readership will likely build over time and it wouldn't make sense to have to relaunch effectively the same thing.