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Calling all AfroPean Digital Visual Artists:

Mr Darren Taylor of Jazz Reloaded fame is looking for AfroPean digital visual artists to collaborate with and construct an AfroPean vision of the future….

What if you found out that you've been living a lie?
What if this lie sentenced people to death?
What if your history could save their future?
What if your true identity had been suppressed?
What if someone who loved you had the truth?
What if there were millions just like you?
What if we're all pawns in the Horizon Venture?

Are you an AfroPean Digital Visual Artist?
Do you have a vision of the future you would like to share?

Taylormade studios is looking for the next generation of AfroPean digital visual artists ( animators, 2D illustrators, 3D modellers, video producers ) to collaborate in bringing an AfroPean-centred view of the future to life via music, spoken word and visual imagery, in performances in 2009 as part of The Horizon Venture.

About The Horizon Venture

The Horizon Venture is inspired by Vidal Montgomery's The Horizon Venture, a futuristic retrospective novel of intergalactic speculative fiction, which transposes the issues and agenda of the Middle Passage and triangular transatlantic trafficking of human beings onto modern and futuristic constructs.

Next year The Horizon Venture will be performed live - an epic suite of works of music, spoken and written word and visual imagery constructed for performance by an improvising electroacoustic ensemble. Such contributions will take place either in the format of post performance discussions, jam sessions, or, where appropriate, as a part of the main performance.

The key themes of the music (to which the visual imagery will be synchronised are)
(A) Industrial military expansion
(B) Futuristic cities and landscapes
(C) "Alien" breeds and life forms
(D) Cloning, genetics, and synthetic humans
(E) Serfdom, servitude, oppression
(F) Biomedical research, biomedical advances
(G) Futuristic machines of war and destruction(
H) Space, planets, stars, the cosmos
(I) Mass control, mind control, mass subjugation
(J) Robots, technology, automation
(K) Partying, sex, drugs, lifestyle, fashion, pop culture
(L) Battle (inner struggle)
(M) Battle (between two people)
(N) Battle (between two armies)
(O) Explosions (something that could destroy a continent)
(P) Explosions (something that could destroy a planet)
(Q) Explosions (something that could destroy a number of planets)
(R) Aftermath (rebuilding after war)

You can read a preview of the book and see some of the key characters at

If you have already constructed visual artwork around these themes, or if they inspire you to construct new artwork forms, please get in touch:
Email Taylor directly:

What sort of Artwork am I looking for?
Work that is selected from the shortlist for presentation will most likely have the following qualities:i) Originality (the expressions are all free and clear of existing copyright, and the artist holds the copyright)ii) Innovation (the expression looks at a topic in an uncommon way and shows alternative thinking)iii) Indicative of states (the idea is to express the condition or emotional state of humanity, not to relate it to any specific place or time)I am most likely to select work that is not timebound. (i.e. I don't want historical paintings of slavery or holocaust, I want expressions about how these victims must have felt, and how they will feel when it happens to them again in the future.

I have found it useful to think about it in the following terms:
(1) What is the attitude or idea about humanity that I want to express?
(2) How did it look in the past?
(3) How does it look now?
(4) How will it look in the future?
(5) How can I portray or express point (4) above??

Submissions can be in any digital format, but please ensure your submission can be made into broadcast quality if required.To protect your copyright, consistent with the artistic integrity of the show PLEASE DO NOT send original work.Please post the originals to yourself ( or secure some other form of proof of copyright) if you have not done so already, and THEN send LOW RESOLUTION COPIES ONLY by email to As and when higher resolution copies are required, I will ask.


All work selected will be short listed for inclusion in a live performance, where images are projected onto a screen while musical artists perform.All work submitted will by stored securely at , which is a social network exclusively for people invited to work on the projectYou will be credited as a contributor to the artwork wherever it is displayed.

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