Sunday, 14 December 2008

Brand Name

After reading Lorraine's post which was very interesting. I want to comment on the inclusion of Asian within a brand name. I can understand what Lorraine has said, this I have quoted in red below:

It must also be suggested that the move to consider others and form a collective with a brand name that incorporates Africa alongside Asia really needs to be resisted! For a start there isn’t one exhibitor of Asian film on the programme, and I’m mythed as to why within a programme under the moniker of ‘black’ we would feel a need to incorporate a market that stands alone, is doing quite well thank you without ‘our’ help and wouldn’t for an instance evoke the same consideration. Furthermore, I’m called to question what this invisible allegiance is that appears to exist within the community (for some) to be so achingly harmonious to audiences and industries that neither, need, or want our embrace.

The reason this was suggested, is that I was discussing this with Kevin & Suhail and they felt maybe it should have been included in the course programme. I have members on East End Film Society, who are British Asian film exhibitors and they do not look at themselves as Bollywood!

Munsur Ali - Director of Spotlight UK who set up Limelight Film Festival a year ago has successfully built a brand that looks like it will stay. However, I was surprised not to see him on the course, as he would offer a lot to participants on how he has gained partnerships, sponsorship etc for his festival that incorporates not only Asian talent, but black too!

Maybe Gavin can get him on board as a panelist when we come round to the festival seminar.

A national organisation for exhibitors of African (black), Asian and non western films (I'm sure Peter specialises in the latter field) would help each market to learn off each other as well as support each other to cross over to mainstream audiences as well.

Regarding the use of the black or African in the name. Don't African mean African or African - Carribean origin, related descent or connection?

Can we really define what black means???

Anyway, it would be great to hear other participants views. Please comment as only Lorraine has contributed so far.


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