Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Day 2, Panel 2 - What's at stake; Black Fourth Estate

Panelists (left to right): Donna Morgan (UK represntative for BET)Brenda Emmanus (BBC London), Ope Bankole (Head of Marketing, GV Media Group, who publish the Voice).

Ope began by responding to a question about accessing the black media, discussing the necessity of making the business case when approaching the media, not just the merit of the work.
Donna spoke about how BET are moving into Europe & Africa and developing specfic content for these territories.

Key point, I think, that Ope raised, was that we should visualise beyond the boundaries of just the UK market, in particular relating to how digital media has opened up world wide distribution and the dissemination of work

For me, this was one of the most interesting discussion so far, with a wide variety of aligned and opposite views. 
It occurred to me that as an all black media panel we seem to have much greater expectations of them. This could because we're aware that there was greater knowledge and passion for the subject on display, so we project a much greater hope onto them and expect more help then we would perhaps  from the mainstream media....are we, letting the mainstream media of the hook? Or is that dynamic simply inevitable?

Brenda: "We want to use you, not just your product"

Top tip from Ope: Send your story not just to Editorial, but to Marketing also!

Interesting to hear from Brenda how she has to be much more creative and build a strategy in order to regularly get Black success on the agenda and profiled.

Ope: "We need to flip the whole perception of race on it's head...." - discuss.

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