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Film societies and community cinemas Annual Survey Results

Film societies and community cinemas Annual Survey Results - posted 02.3.2009

The most recent and comprehensive survey of film societies and community cinemas was published this week by the British Federation of Film Societies (BFFS).

The survey provides a key update on a sector of significant cultural and social importance to the UK – that of not-for-profit community cinema. Over 100 organisations completed the extensive survey.

Key findings included:
• Admissions: Film societies and community cinemas recorded audiences of an estimated 361,000 in 2007/08. Theatrical ticket sales on the scale would have generated box office revenues of £1.8 million.
• Programme diversity: Over 625 different titles were screened by responding organisations. This is compared with 516 released in cinemas in 2007. 65 per cent of these titles were screened by only one film society or community cinema, indicating the diversity of programming choices made by the sector. Of the films screened by film societies and community cinemas 23 per cent were British, and 39 per cent were in a foreign language.
• Education and media literacy: The majority (73 per cent) of organisations provided programming notes to accompany screenings, and nearly the same proportion also measured audience reaction to films.
• Membership: an increase of around eight per cent was reported by groups with a membership-loyalty scheme (88 per cent).
• Enhanced film provision in areas otherwise neglected by commercial cinemas: 40 per cent of community cinemas operated in rural areas (compared to three per cent of commercial screens). On average groups were located around eight miles away from the nearest commercial cinema.
• Satisfaction with BFFS: for the second year running there was a high level of satisfaction with BFFS services and resources.

The full survey report can be downloaded at www.bffs.org.uk. For further information contact Ros Hill on 0114 2210314 or on email at info@bffs.org.uk

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