Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Panel: Legacy & Learning part 1: State of Play

Chair: Nikki Christie, UK Partnerships Development Manager, UK Film CouncilIan Wall, Director Film EducationGaylene Gould, Film Club.

Gaylene: Film-club – films in schools, inc archival, non mainstream, world/subtitled – target 7000 schools in 3 years.

Ian: Film Education – funded by film industry, inc Nat films schools film week. Content cinema based (prints). Working with the Cultural Olympiad – attempting to screen a film from every olympic country.

G: noted the tribal nature of under 18s, therefore the need to acknowledge the shared group attraction of activities.

Also spoke about how much more young people can take on more challenging work than may be realised.

Check: London Children's Film Festival, Cinemagic, Showcomotion, Leeds Young People's Film Festival - suggested sources for film for children. 

Also BFI - check their catalogue for children's films available.

'Film Club is focused on watching movies (first and foremost)'. Interested in making links with festival to collaborate on work in schools and programming.

'We can take talent into schools, artists, directors etc' 

Often work in partnership with Film Education - but Film Club is not curriculum based (Film Education is).

Access to 5000 under 15 films to recommend.

N: 'Look for what schools in your area already have film clubs - and work with that existing audience/capacity'.

G: 'Film Club is free for schools'

I: Film Education looks to engage teachers into the idea of film culture & education.

Film Education's 'National Schools Film Week' - goes from Walt Disney to world cinema like 'the Lives of Others'. Reaches 100,000 children around the UK.

I: talked about winning the trust of the teachers and nurturing that relationship over time to develop more challenging programming, without scaring them off.

'Additionality at screenings is important for engaging schools - i.e. having speakers, panels, other elements on top of the screening'

Resources & funding for young people making films: 

First Light Movies,

Media Box 

Training resources: 

Moving Image Training Alliance

Film Education has funding available for pilot project looking a youth/schools based projects. Match funding needs to come from outside UK FIlm Council/Media Box etc - eg Local Authority, Businesses.

I; 'We want to teach about film, but also through film'

Spoke about the teaching packs available on the Film Education website, such as the one for Slumdog Millionaire - view here.

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